26 Oct 2020

Why the Advanced Diploma of Screen & Media is the Right Choice For You

Take the chance to immerse yourself into a cohesive production based learning environment utilizing high end production equipment and start or re-start your film career off on the right foot!

Film Set in Action


How do you see the world? How do you see yourself in it? Who are you? What do you believe in? These are questions our film program will not only ask but will cultivate the answer within you. This self-awareness will inform your artistic voice, which in turn will make your ideas and scripts all the more deeper, and assessable to a wider audience. These skills mixed with the AFTT’s all-encompassing directing, camera, lighting, and sound classes will make this course a powerful learning experience that will grow the true film maker within you. 

So, why is this course the right course for you?

Are you looking to reboot your filmmaking career? Have you gone to film school before but haven't made a film in years? Or maybe you even have a script lying around but don't have any means to make it? Answered Yes? Then this course is the perfect fit for you!

Film Set in Action


Check out what AFTT have to offer in their Industry Focus Area of Filmmaking...

Have your name credited to more than 20 productions upon graduation, creating an opportunity to hone in on your skills and knowledge in order to further navigate a career within the film, television and digital industries.

At AFTT, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of hands-on industry-based education by having the latest industry standard gear and technology available for our students. Get the opportunity to shoot your projects with RED Epics & Scarlets, Blackmagic Ursa Mini Pros and the rest of our quality Kit Store.

Experience the chance to spearhead 3 of your own major productions throughout the course. Write, produce and direct a 30 second television commercial, two other major short films and collaborate with your cohort. 


Take your ideas to the next level with 1 on 1 script consults by industry professionals. Improve your storytelling craft at AFTT and turn your ideas into well thought out dialogue and direction that translates to screen.

Experience the teachings and mentorship of our well-respected team. A crew of industry professionals dedicated to their roles in directing, producing and screenwriting. The team at AFTT have the capabilities to train you for success in the industry.


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