Frequently Asked Questions


AFTT is located at 41 Holt Street, Surry Hills, NSW, 2010. Nestled within the leafy, café-lined streets of Surry Hills in the heart of Sydney, the campus is a short five-minute walk from Central Station and Railway Square and can easily be accessed by bus and train.

Put simply: industry relevance, our cross-disciplinary campus and the fact we operate in a real-world environment. We pride ourselves on being industry relevant and current, and we ensure that we are by employing current industry professionals as our tutors and through our partnerships with industry organizations including the iconic Belvoir St Theatre and engagement of current film industry professionals. Our standards are also up held by what the industry expects and requires. This at times, puts pressure on students, in terms of quality of work, attendance and communication; however all our graduates have said that is by far the greatest attribute of AFTT. It is by holding our practice, our delivery content and expectations of our students by these industry standards that AFTT is second to none. 

Diploma of Screen & Media: ACTING

  • 1 academic year, over 2 semesters (further pathways into a second year of training are currently under consideration for development)

Diploma of Screen & Media: FILM

  • 1 academic year, over 2 semesters (further pathways into a second year of training are currently under consideration for development)

Diploma of Live Production & Technical Services

  • 1 academic year, over 2 semesters (further pathways into a second year of training are currently under consideration for development)


Certificate IV in Theatre & Screen Performance

  • Full-time – 0.5 academic years over 1 semester
  • Part-time – 2 evenings per week over 1 academic year

Advanced Diploma in Screen & Media

  • 2 academic years, over 4 semesters; 2 semesters per year

Advanced Diploma of Stage & Screen Acting   

  • 2 academic years, over 4 semesters; 2 semesters per year

Advanced Diploma in Live Production & Management Services

  • 1.5 academic years, over 3 semesters; 2 semesters per year

While our Diploma courses are a comprehensive program with dedicated student and employment outcomes we also understand that you may wish to pursue higher level studies. We therefore would like to assure you that we are currently working on the development of new programs and pathways in order to provide you with the opportunity to undertake advanced training to further develop your skills beyond those of the one year Diploma. The details around such opportunities will be provided to you in due course.

There are countless career opportunities for graduates of AFTT. They include, but are not limited to:

Graduates of: Diploma of Screen & Media: ACTING
Film actor, theatre actor, television actor, theatre actor, voice-over artist for radio, animation or computer generated (CGI) character actors, motion-capture actors, cabaret performers, television commercial (TVC) actors, live entertainment performer. 

Graduates of: Diploma of Screen & Media: FILM
Camera operator, director of photography, post-production supervisor, cinematographer, visual producer, creative director, data wrangler, compositor, filmmaker, technical producer, screenwriter, story editor, feature writer, TVC/ music video director, producer.

Graduates of: Diploma of Live Production and Technical Services
Stage Manager
Assistant Stage Manager
Lighting Programmer
Lighting Operator/Crew
Sound Design
Sound Operator/Crew
Audio –Visual Operator/Crew
Props Master

Graduates of: Certificate IV in Theatre and Screen Performance
Actor in short film, featured extra, actor in community theatre, television commercial (TVC) actors, live entertainment performer.

All full-time programs require you to be on campus three days per week for face to face training with an additional one day per week for project and production preparation. During rehearsal and production times throughout the year you may be required to be on campus over and above this. 

The Certificate IV program requires you to be on campus two evenings per week (part time), or 4 days per week (Full-time). 

There are two intakes each year – one in February and one in July. Have a look at the Intake and Census page for further information. 

This varies depending on the course you are interested in taking. Fee information for students can be found at domestic and international students.

Our courses are delivered by Australia’s leading creative arts tutors, all of who have achieved their own successes in the industry, and who continue to work in a professional capacity. Our tutors have starred, directed, produced and collaborated on leading productions both in Australia and overseas. Their teaching methods are complemented by acclaimed guest directors & actors and by a collaborative network of professionals.

Check out our tutor profiles here.

You can apply anytime; we receive applications throughout the year. Once you have completed the application form online, the recruitment team will be in contact with you to confirm an interview or audition time. 

Contrary to popular belief, there are plenty of opportunities in the acting and film industry. In this modern age the industry is bigger than ever before and continues to grow at a healthy rate. Other than film, TV and theatre opportunities, social media platforms offer countless avenues for actors and performers – there are countless blog’s, short films, web-episodes and channels, not to mention Facebook content. Plus the advertising industry is a huge employer of actors and performers thanks to ever-growing platforms and audience reach. In fact, never before have fresh facfes been so in demand.

It's also worth remembering that the skills acquired in acting and performing are also hugely transferable. Skills such as public speaking, corporate hosting, event management and retail and hospitality industries all require poise, self-confidence, and self-esteem. 

With society’s exponential hunger for content, screenwriters, directors, producers and cinematographers are in huge demand. Our film school students are in the industry of content creation, and that is a hugely profitable genre – think about the amount of content you see everyday, from Facebook ads to YouTube and Instagram, podcasts to mainstream news networks, current affair stories and self-help videos. Plus, there is vast capacity for on-demand TV and online content (Netflix/Stan). 

Ultimately though, hard work, motivation and recognising opportunities when they are presented to you are the most important factors for any graduate finding success. 

We cannot guarantee employment; no film or acting school does or can. We encourage our film students to enter their films in festivals all around the world and, that has a fantastic success rate. 

What we do provide our students with is the skills to network within the professional industry and the exposure to a range of industry professionals during the course, so the student can gain as many contacts as possible.
AFTT hosts in-house productions, screening nights and encourages industry icons to attend. We also encourage our film students to enter their films in festivals all around the world and, that has a fantastic success rate. 

The Academy of Film, Theatre and Television, AFTT was the result of merging the two elite institutions.
The unification of ACTT and IFSS into Australia’s leading creative arts academy is bold, brave and reality shifting. It opens up unparalleled opportunities for current and prospective students, together with staff and the broader community, to be the driving force behind this daring evolution.

Never before have so many changes happened so quickly in our industry with AFTT being created to take full advantage of the rapid and ongoing advancements in technology within new media, as well as to respond to the increased diversity and dynamism in the global film, television and theatre economy.
To empower industry ready graduates with real-world understanding of their craft, we need to be ahead of the curve. By consolidating these two prestigious schools beneath one banner we will forge a comprehensive, more responsive institution that features all key disciplines of our industry – from cinematography to live event production,  acting for stage and screen, and screenwriting, directing and producing.

Founded on passion, inspiration, adventure and creative excellence, AFTT will be an environment in which to collaborate and work together as artists. Its creation is a courageous evolution that will position us at the forefront of Australia’s creative arts industry, and allow us to become a leading force within the global entertainment education market.

Rest assured that all students will continue to learn and receive support from the same dedicated team of tutors, student recruitment advisors and administrators you may have already met.

Entry to the program can be completed by applying online or submitting a form directly to the campus. 

The recruitment team will then be in touch to confirm your audition date (Acting) or interview (Film/ Live Production).

All programs at AFTT require applicants to have completed a senior secondary certificate of education / HSC Certificate or Year 12 equivalent. If the applicant does not hold any of the above, recruitment staff will discuss other options on a case-by-case basis only.


No tertiary institution would be capable of guaranteeing graduate employment beyond their studies. What we can guarantee is that students will receive the highest level of tuition during their study with us. They will be immersed in a creative and vibrant environment with like-minded students.

During their working life, graduates will undoubtedly find themselves working across a variety of industries. We therefore accept that our goal is to not only produce talented graduates, but those who can remain productive throughout. This is achieved not only through the specialised skills taught within our courses, but through the development of soft skills such as collaboration, analysis and effective communication. 

There are no scholarships for students currently available.

Many of our graduates have achieved outstanding heights within many areas of stage, film, television, theatre and production. From writing and producing original works to working as casting directors and theatre managers, we believe these students have found their own slice of fame. Graduates who have received high levels of public recognition include performers such as: 

Firass Dirani (Underbelly: The Golden Mile, House Husbands, The Killer Elite, The Straits),
George Houvardas (Packed to the Rafters, East West 101),
Leeanna Walsman (Star Wars Attack of the Clones [as Jessica])
Valentino Del Toro (The Slap, Underbelly Files: Infiltration, Sea Patrol, Terra Nova)
Luke Joslin (Greenroom Award Winner for Avenue Q: The Musical)
Socratis Otto (Stockholm at The Sydney Theatre Company)
Fayssal Bazzi (Food at Belvoir St Theatre)
Matt Holmes (Sea Patrol, Castle, Blue Heelers)

If you are interested in studying Acting, you will need to complete an audition as part of your application. Film and Live Production students undertake an interview not an audition.

Our Advanced Diploma performance courses are designed to produce graduates ready to enter the industry as professionals. An integral part of this process is exposing students to casting and talent management agents, producers and directors throughout their time at AFTT. The high-calibre training and reputation of AFTT students ensures that many of the best agents attend our graduate productions, and this has led to students being offered representation and audition opportunities upon graduation. We assist and guide our graduates in choosing the right agent.

Yes - Every student will make three films in their one (1) year Diploma course with AFTT: 

  1. Irreverent 88 : students will work in groups to produce a film from initial concept development, based on an allocated short story, to final delivery within 2-consecutive school days.
  2. Soul Focus:  students will produce a three (3) minute first-person video comprised only of found footage, photographs, still images, sound, text/titles and 250 word voice over.
  3. The Short: this short film will encapsulate everything you’ve learned thus far. The Short will challenge film making skills with a six (6) minute dramatic short film. 

Students will also crew role on the colleagues films.

The film program at AFTT is designed to build skills and knowledge in the areas of screenwriting, directing,  producing and cinematography with complementary skills in camera, lighting, editing and post-production, sound recording and sound design. There is a strong emphasis on industry knowledge and employability skills, collaboration, team building and professionalism. 
We believe that the best filmmakers, no matter what their specialisation, understand how every element of filmmaking works.

Visit our course pages for more information.

Filmmaking is a vocation and a profession, one that is both challenging and supremely satisfying for practitioners who are driven by a love of the craft and a love of storytelling. The program prepares you for transition into the local and international film industry as an independent industry professional in a variety of roles. See Question 2 for an outline of listed career opportunities.  

The full-time Diploma study program is delivered over one (1) year in two (2) 18-weeks semesters, with a one-week break mid-semester. The semester is based on a three (3) day week of 18 contact hours with another six (6) plus hours of production-based activity per week. At times during assessment production periods, students may engage in longer hours in accordance with the nature of the professional industries. AFTT provides the opportunity for extended campus access outside of the class schedule and technical support.

Success in the industry is about showing what you can do, so we run the school like a working professional community with a holistic approach to teaching. This means you become a practicing filmmaker from day one, mentored by some of the best teachers in the business. You can download a copy of the Course Overview to find out more about projects and assessments and course outcomes.

Yes - Every student will make three films in their one (1) year Diploma course with AFTT: 

  1. Irreverent 88 : students will work in groups to produce a film from initial concept development, based on an allocated short story, to final delivery within 2-consecutive school days.
  2. Soul Focus:  students will produce a three (3) minute first-person video comprised only of found footage, photographs, still images, sound, text/titles and 250 word voice over.
  3. The Short: this short film will encapsulate everything you’ve learned thus far. The Short will challenge film making skills with a six (6) minute dramatic short film. 

Students will also crew role on the colleagues films.

Film students will use the Sony EXI’s and Panasonic AF100’s for their Diploma film shoots, as well as being trained on the latest RED® digital cinema cameras – the Red Scarlet, Red One and Red Epic camera, as used to shoot films such as The Hobbit, Lord of the Rings, The Great Gatsby, Transformers: Age of Extinction, andThe Social Network among many. 

Lighting and sound equipment includes ARRI, DEDO and HMI lighting; Steadicam Flyer and Easyrig scorpion camera support systems; Sennheiser and Sony radio lapel microphone kits, Rode shotgun mics and Marantz digital field recorders; Sound Devices 302 production audio mixers and an extensive range of professional tripods, dollies, jibs and prime lens kits. 

Teaching labs are installed with Avid Media Composer, Adobe Creative Suite, ProTools for sound editing, Da Vinci for picture grading and many more programs. The Academy also has dedicated sound mix, ADR and foley rooms. 

AFTT’s Diploma courses are approved for VET Student Loans; a loan scheme that assists eligible students to pay for their tuition fees. Find out more about VET STUDENT LOANS here.

Please see our Fee Schedule page for more information.

For International students please click here.

Accommodation is not available on campus, however our Student Recruitment team can refer students to suitable areas to seek accommodation and connect you with other students in the same situation. AFTT is centrally located in Surry Hills, and is only a short walk from Central Station.

AFTT is a certified and recognised institution. We are:

•    A Registered Training organisation.
•    Registered on the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS).
•    Accredited by the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA)
•    A member of the Australian Council of Private Education and Training (ACPET).
•    Nationally recognised under the Australian Qualifications Framework.

Our strong industry links also ensure that AFTT qualifications are recognised within the creative industries.


Applicants who submit a complete application (including all accompanying documentation, including portfolio or audition if applicable) will usually be contacted within 24 hours to arrange an interview. After a successful interview, positive review of an audition for students who are applying for an Acting course, and once all other required documents have been received, an offer letter will usually be issued within 24-48 hours.

For information on how to apply, please click here.

Yes, we have many partnered education agents. For a list of AFTT’s registered agents, please click here.

We have three additional options to meet the English language requirement: As well as the IELTS test AFTT also accepts TOEFL, Cambridge English and Pearson tests. Alternatively, students who enroll in a suitable English language preparation course at one of our ELICOS partner schools may also satisfy the requirements for successful completion of that course without further sitting any of the above tests.

You might be eligible for alternative entry, so please contact our International Admissions team for advice. Domestic students may also contact the Student Recruitment Advisors.

Are you ready to submit an audition? We can't wait to see it! Please make sure you have submitted an application first, and follow the international enrolment process. The simplest way to submit your audition is to upload it to a video-sharing site such as YouTube or Vimeo. Or send it to one of the recruitment advisors that you are in contact with directly. 

Once you have completed an application form we will be in touch with you to organise an interview. The interview will help us learn more about you and give you the opportunity to ask more questions.

For the interview, you should be clear about why you want to study at AFTT, what your career goals are and how studying at AFTT will help you achieve those goals. You should also be prepared to answer questions about the practical components of studying away from home – for example, accommodation, living costs and visa regulations (international students).

We also encourage you to prepare some questions for us, as this is a great opportunity for you to clarify your expectations, and for you to prepare for your move to Australia. The interview can help you and AFTT identify if this will be the right place and fit for you.

There are no scholarships for international students currently available.

There is no fee for applying, however a non-refundable application fee of $150 is charged when you accept your offer. This fee along with the refundable first term deposit must be paid before a Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) can be processed.

There is no deadline to pay fees, however a CoE can only be issued once the first term (half-semester) deposit and application fee has been received. 

The decision to grant a visa is made by the Australian Immigration Office. Enrolling at AFTT will make you eligible to apply for a student visa. You will need a Confirmation of Enrolment from us in order to apply. You will also need to show evidence of Overseas Student Health Cover. 

It is your responsibility to apply for a student visa. Once you have been issued a CoE it is then up to you to complete the rest of your student visa application process. If you submitted your AFTT application with the assistance of a representative agent they can also assist you in preparing your visa application. 

You should apply for a 572 (Vocational Education) visa for all our programs.

Visit to learn more about the visa application process.

There is no on-campus accommodation. For information on some accomodation options, visit the links below:

Yes, your visa conditions allow for you to work 40 hours per fortnight; however in order to manage your study load, AFTT recommends you work no more than 16 hours per week to allow adequate time to study and attend classes.

Australia is a very safe and peaceful multicultural country. In the Better Life Index of OECD countries, Australia ranks among the top countries in a range of areas, including safety, health, environment and civic engagement. For more information please see

The cost of living in Sydney depends largely on lifestyle, accommodation choice and social life. As a general guide, students can expect to spend an average of AU$390 per week on rent, food and public transport. This amount does not cover tuition and textbooks.

No, only graduates with Higher Education Qualifications are eligible to apply for a Graduate Visa.

Many students take the opportunity to explore Australia after they graduate. Students usually receive between one and three months extra time on their student visas. You may also be able to apply for a tourist visa at the end of your studies to attend the graduation ceremony.

Just complete the contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible with more details.