AFTT's 3 essential things to do before you finish year 12

07 Oct 2016

3 Essential things to do before you finish Year 12

As much as we want to pretend HSC’s aren’t just around the corner, they’re creeping up faster than we would like to admit!

And with the timing of HSC’s means that you are soon enough coming to the end of year 12 and ready to leave school to move on to your next big adventure! This can be a very daunting time, so to help you prepare, we’ve come up with a few key things to make sure you do before you finish year 12. 


This is pretty obvious. In the lead up to your exams, revise and work hard to get those grades you deserve. Make sure you firstly figure out what kind of learner you are, whether it be a visual, auditory or kinaesthetic, to make sure you make the most of your study time and retain as much information as you can. Taking past test papers and online quizzes can also be really helpful to prepare you for those under-pressure situations. 


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Stay ahead of the crowd. 

Don’t leave your post-school plans until after your HSC. If you’re not sure what you want to do, take some time to research and plan, visit open days and ask for campus tours. You don’t want to be left stuck after you finish school with no plan. If you know what you want to do, then make sure you start applying for and auditioning/interviewing for courses. They can fill up very fast, and if you don’t get in early you could find yourself not getting in to the course you really wanted to do, or even getting in to your back up courses. AFTT has audition dates once a month throughout the year to allow early preparers a better change to secure their future early on. It will also help reduce the stress of what you will do when you leave school so you don’t have to worry as much during your HSCs.  Our audition dates and interviews are filling up fast so make sure you apply soon to get ahead of the crowd. 

Have fun!

You are only in High School once. Enjoy your friends and your end of year formal. Getting to see your friends every day is awesome, and it may be different when everyone goes their separate ways, so make the most of seeing them all the time!

Best of luck with your exams and we hope to see you at an AFTT audition or interview before you finish year 12 to secure your spot!

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